About Us

M*A*S*S*I*V*E is a voluntary collective that puts on outdoor dance parties in Canterbury, New Zealand.

M*A*S*S*I*V*E, aka The Canterbury Outdoor Music Trust

M*A*S*S*I*V*E was formed in 1996 to bring together different cultures for combined entertainment and education on youth issues. The main purpose of our organisation is to encourage youth involvement in contemporary, original music and cultural events in Christchurch.

The Canterbury Outdoor Music Trust have traditionally run four annual events - Winter & Summer Soulstice, Spring & Autumn Equinox - though recently we've pulled right back to putting on one or two events per year. These have the same focus on involving people from a range of ages and backgrounds in all aspects of the events.  We seek to provide an environment that is conducive to learning and positive experience, and aim to nurture the local electronic music scene by providing the opportunity for new comers and old heads to perform alongside each other.