Autumn Equinox 2016

M*A*S*S*I*V*E and RDU98.5FM present: Autumn Equinox 2016 - SATURDAY MARCH 19th

RDU are turning 40 this year and we reckon that's a milestone worth celebrating. Autumn Equinox is the next chapter of Massive dance parties as we bring electronic music events to a range of lush outdoor locations throughout Canterbury.

The RDU birthday zone will feature a playlist packed with lots of our favourite RDU show hosts. Our other music zone, The Massive Lounge, will complement this by providing a multi-genre musical experience; ensuring there's something for everyone.

Silly dress-ups are encouraged, and befitting RDU's birth year - 1976 - there's a sparkle party / disco theme.

Autumn Equinox, March 19. Tickets available in-store or online from Cosmic. Music sounds better outdoors!


Available online or in store from Cosmic
$40 presales
$60 gate sales

## LINEUP ##

>> RDU Birthday Zone

Massive Sound System | The Download | Girl School | Dr Hitchcock | Pina Colada Sound System | Ghetto Electric Sessions | Glitch in the System | Metrobeatz | The Get Down | Dangerous Knowledge | Covert Intel | Prognosis | Hedspace | Rhythm Zone | Hauswerk |
+ VJs: Pinealreality | EZ (DeliciousTV)

>> The M*A*S*S*I*V*E Lounge

DJ Illiterate | Aleon | Psilo | Blair Bosk (Scotland) | Flava Riot | Warp | Strawb | Disconauts | Bomb Dylan | Night Owl | Scheme | Losfix | Tabz & Naboo feat MC Kwila | Scroggin


Massive parties welcome people of all ages. Please try and make this a positive outdoor festival experience for all of you fellow party goers! Massive events are alcohol free, all age, events. Please repect each other and the beautiful parts of the country that we are able to party in. Look after each other and take your rubbish home with you.

Please respect this and DO NOT BRING:
Glass / Dogs / Alcohol / Negative Vibes.

PLUR is a popular acronym for Peace Love Understanding Respect, check out this interesting little write-up on PLUR and the part it plays in rave culture.


As per usual creative / silly dress-ups are encouraged! This time around, befitting RDU's birth year - 1976 - we're including a sparkle party / disco theme. Check out the German Spakle party video if you haven't seen it. Please remember that we have to leave the site completely clean & tidy when we depart - something to keep in mind whilst planning your amazing costume!


We're lucky to be returning to Kowai Bush, Springfield. Nestled in the foothills of the Southern Alps, it's a lovely part of the world and we're lucky enough to be able to party there!

Directions on google maps

Time RDU Zone The MASSIVE Lounge
17:30 Massive Sound System DJ Illiterate (Chill tech house)
19:00 The Download (Free Downloads) Aleon (Beats n Pieces)
20:00 Girl School (Indie Clash/ Electro)  
20:30   Blair Bosk - Scotland (Reggae, Hip hop and Funk)
21:00 Dr Hitchcock (Electrosexual...)  
21:30   Psilo (Hip Hop + Treats)
22:00 Pina Colada Sound System (Anything Goes)  
22:30   Flava Riot (Glitchy Experimental Midtempo aka Weird Cam Music)
23:00 Ghetto Electric Sessions (World Bass Music)  
23:30   Warp (Glitch Hop)
00:00 Glitch in the System (Glitch Hop/ Future Funk/ DnB)  
00:30   Disconauts (Dicsotech)
01:00 Metrobeatz (Jungle)  
01:30   Bomb Dylan (Techno)
02:00 The Get Down (Breaks)  
03:00 Dangerous Knowledge (Bass Music) Strawb (House)
04:00 Covert Intel (Bass Music/ Jungle) Night Owl + Bellatrix (Prog)
05:00 Prognosis (Progressive) Scheme (Bass Music)
06:00 Hedspace (Techno) Losfix (Bass Music)
07:00 Rhythm Zone (Tech House/ Techno) Tabz & Naboo feat MC Kwila (Dubstep)
08:00   Scroggin (Morning Psy)
08:30 Hauswerk (House)  
09:00   Zone finishes
10:00 Zone finishes