Autumn Equinox 2017

March 25th will see us return to the Canterbury outdoors.

## For party rules and info check out this news post ##

The Massive crew are stoked to announce Autumn Equinox 2017.

It has been a welcome break, enabling the crew to catch our collective breath, and helping to refocus on what we want to do next. As a result this party will be a little different to our usual offering. Autumn Equinox will feature two zones - Dance & Chill - and capacity will be limited to 400 tickets (these are on sale now from our friends at Cosmic).

Once again we invite you to venture out of the city to enjoy a night dancing under the stars, followed by a boogie in the sun (hear that weather!)


Available in-store or online from Cosmic.


1919 Mainwarings Rd, Dorie, South Canterbury


We're really excited with the line-up that we've pulled together from near and far. Joining us across the dance and chill zones we have the following acts:

  Dance Zone   Chill Zone
17:00 Mat Hoods 19:00 Cubeboxrad
18:30 Illiterate 20:00 Boyd* & TwEQ
20:00 Deep South Audio 22:00 Tansy
21:30 Neednobody 23:00 Mikkie Pixton
23:00 Charles Would 00:00 Shankara (Live)
00:30 Pino 01:30 Peninsula (Live)
02:00 Mike T 03:00 Invader Tron
03:30 Like Minds 04:30 Irrespaceable
05:30 Maat & Luna    
07:00 Tama    
08:30 Ry-Ra    
10:00 Hauswerk    
12:00 Wild Do Ó    
13:30 Finish