AE17 info and party tips

The weather forecast is looking pretty good! We might get some light showers in the early hours of Sunday - bring warm clothing, a jacket and gumboots are always good too!

As there is no longer a fire ban in place we'll have a nice bonfire on the beach and also a covered zone.

Look after your each other.

Please do not bring glass and expect to take all of your rubbish home with you.

Tickets are available up until 17:00 Saturday night or until they sell out

We may have limited gate sales available if tickets do not sell out - it will cost you $50 on the gate (much better to buy a ticket!)

Massive parties welcome people of all ages. Please try and make this a positive outdoor festival experience for all of you fellow party goers!
Please respect this and DO NOT BRING:
Glass / Dogs / Negativity

## Party pro-tips ##

* Please remember that everyone has to be off site by Sunday evening and ensure that you / the person driving you is in a safe state to do so!!!

* Don't bring glass!

* Look after your friends

* Don't be a ning nong

* Prepare clothes for all types of weather

* If you are ingesting substances, know prior to the party what they will do to you and if possible, know that what you *think* you are taking is actually what you *are* taking

* Bring adequate food and water (yes there are these things at the gig but it's good to have your own too)

* Have a gameplan for the night / check time schedules prior to the party so you don't get carried away and miss the main act you wanted to see

* Deviate from your gameplan! There is loads to see and loads to do, go check out some zones or areas you may not have planned to, it might be the more memorable part of your night

* Make sure the person driving you home has a good head on their shoulders, this is your guardian angel at the end of the party.

* Be nice to the crew putting this shit on, they've been doing it for 20 years now out of love, it really helps to hear praise from you guys

* The same goes for security, these guys are keeping everyone safe and have been doing a stellar job for years, it's hard work, give it up.

* Look after your friends

* Basically, be a nice human, it's pretty easy

See y'all out there!!!