Taking it home with you

We're lucky to be able to hold parties in some really special parts of the country. We appreciate you helping be a part of looking after these sites so we can keep coming back.

Please do your bit to minimise the impact you and your fellow party-goers have on the lush outdoor locations that we get to party in! A few tips:

  • Don't bring glass. This is one of our rules that we enforce strictly. Glass is no fun when you stand on it or it breaks and has to be picked up off the ground.
  • Bring a couple of extra rubbish bags - we'll give you a bag when you arrive but extras are always useful.
  • Separate things into rubbish and recycling. Having that extra bag to sort this as you go works well.
  • Encourage other people to deal with their waste responsibily.
  • Please don't throw cigarette butts on the ground. Disposing of these in bins provided or keeping them in some form of handy pocket receptacle works really well. There's nothing quite as frustrating as picking up someone elses butts!

Don't be a tosser! ;)