Willy Styles / Like Minds

This nice little write-up by Willy seemed well worth sharing here.

It's been awesome working with Willy and the rest of the Massive crew to make this party a happening thing. Willy cares a lot about the local scene and he's pulled together a very exciting line-up for this Equinox! Catch Like Minds playing in the Dance Zone @ 3:30 this weekend & stay tuned for more events coming soon.


So the saying goes..
Music Sounds Much Better Outdoors
Every now and then I put my hat in the ring to curate a lineup for Massive outdoor parties here in Canterbury.
Working alongside Ezzy and the team I believe we have one of our stellar events on our hands this weekend.

As a collective we have had a break after what was a 20 year impressive run, for various reasons some around over growth, potential danger and a loss of heart at some of our events there was a decision to halt public happenings a year ago.
Recently, a simple conversation turned into a reality and we decided to get back into it, with the concept of running something more 'no frills' and 'back to basics' than we had become known for.

This weekend we are having a 400max people party and it's gonna be super lovely..
In the dance zone we are looking at a journey into the four four realms of techno, house and trance.
All powered by an impressive IMMERSION NZ audio system.

This main dance line up I believe is made up of some if the finest DJs of the craft, new and old, diverse yet connected.
Couple that with a fantastic chill and live music zone, all factors 'hopefully' accounted for including complete rain cover of both floors if the weather doesn't play nice. Food, coffee, shelter, open fire, first aid and good vibes.

I can't wait to get out there on site and muck in, see you there?

See you where?