Very excited to have some awesome workshops and activities for everyone this party:

We're having wee opening ceremony at 5.30pm on Saturday to reflect on the 20 years been. Cirque De Light will be treating our eyeballs to some aerial circo arts and afterwards the girls will be showing you how to have a go! SICK!

Also awesome is Ultraviolet Yoga!!! Bring your glowing clothes and any UV body paint you can get your hands on, we'll have a half hour paint-yo-self session first up then we'll get glowing! Some UV paint will be provided but if you want to get head-to-toe awesome, bring some extra.

If you ever wondered how loopstations work and want to learn and have a play we have a Loops and Beats workshop with Hemi Hops 'Chief of the Peace Force and 'Soul Commander' Sahala Larnyoh.

On Sunday you'll notice we are running a little longer. That's because Sunday daytime dancing is where it's at. We're going to hold the Very Official 20th Birthday MASSIVE Games on Sunday so prepare to hang around and have some hilarious funtimes.